Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Open Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Dearest Most Glorious Fairy of the Teeth-
I write to you today
on behalf of my
I'm sure you remember her.
You've given a sizeable contribution
to her special lost tooth coinpurse
over the past couple of years.
And you probably know by now
that Natalie is such a sweet girl.
With a giving spirit and not many requests for much in life.
[other than love and snuggles.]
She has never once complained
when you show up late all the time sometimes
or when you've jipped her a few coins here and there.
[how were you to remember that sister got 25 cents more for the little tooth to left of the other little tooth?]
She didn't even get frustrated with you
when you gave her "buckies" in place of the original little nibblets of teeth
she had in the first place.
She's been rocking the big beautiful gap-toothed look
for awhile now
and her beauty has never failed to radiate.
She's been grateful all along to YOU for her killer smile
her pearly whites
and her double dimps.
[so what if she hasn't studied genetics yet.]
She's quite sure YOU'VE been helping to watch out for her all these years.
Keeping her smile all aglow and the such.
You've kept my girl feeling pretty satisfied and confidant
and for that
 I want to thank you.
But today
we have some serious business on our hands.
Natalie lost some teeth this past weekend.
And by lost -
I really mean...
tragically cracked in half during a freak accident
in a gymnastics flip-attempt
her face and our hardwood floors.
The hardwood floors won.
So I'm writing today
in order to request an increase
in payment for
these two "lost" teeth.
[they are permanent teeth, after all.]
I don't think $1/tooth is going to cut it this time.
I know you work hard.
And I know you have a lot of littles to gift your coins
[for lost teeth]
all around the world.
if you could spare just a few extra
this time.
I know one little lady that would really appreciate it.
oh. and we'll be needing those teeth back this time. we're hoping they can be re-attached.
Tooth Fairy.
Natalie's Mom
Thanks for all the love and prayers and well wishes
good vibes and  karma and thoughts
sent Nat's way this weekend.
She knows she's loved
and she's been a
this weekend
holding up through this ordeal.
We'll have more updates after we visit the
real tooth magician
first thing Monday morning.


Michelle said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry she (and you) have to go through this. Wishing you a good dentist visit today.

Jen R. said...

I told Mike about the situation and he was relieve to find out they were chipped and not completely missing- he has faith that they will be able to restore her beautiful smile! Thinking of you guys today! :)

Lisa said...

OH MY!!! I totally cringed at the pic and the idea of the long-term process with this! However, I will say that my bestest friend had a similar outcome from a sister-headbutt when she was about 8...and everything is just fine. I can't say how much it cost her parents though....but I think the appeal to the fairy is quite appropriate.

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