Monday, February 27, 2012

A William Elliott Whitmore Weekend

Saturday evening 
Ryan and I

joined some friends

for dinner downtown at Dos Rios
and a William Elliott Whitmore concert.
[same hunky soulful Iowa musician I saw around the same time last year]

We made plans to meet up with my fabulous friend Shelley
so I knew she would be there.

Shelley had mentioned she had a surprise for me
so while I was prepared for her to show me something
it was actually a someone!

[A friend of ours that I hadn't seen in YEARS!]

[they're going to love me for posting these pictures]

We all had a chance to do some catching up
over drinks while we waited
for a table
at Dos Rios. 

Eventually we were seated
and the fun times began!

[On the right is my friend Dave.] 
{Dave gives a lot of thumbs ups and and closes his eyes for photos quite frequently as well.}


[the photo is out of focus...but Dave still gives it a thumbs up.]

This is random
but we saw this group of girls at dinner
and I had my camera out and the leader of their pack
started coming at me so I snapped this shot:

[Probably out celebrating Gee Dubs' Bday or somethin']

After scarfing down
my {first ever} fish tacos {which were amazing}
we headed over to the main event.

Drooling over Listening to this guy.

He's pretty dreamy.
Shelley would agree.

[I wish this had been more in focus, Shelley. You would have used it as a profile for YEARS!]
{PS...have you washed that hand yet?}

It was a great night
and I'm hoping he'll be here next year
around the same time to toast him on another year.


dorry said...

what a fun night out! as much as I'm sort of a homebody and love a night on the couch, it's always fun to go out for drinks & dinner with friends! and live music is the icing on the cake.

Meri said...

Looks like fun!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Looks like you all had an amazing night out!!

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