Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIAW: Backyard Camping Edition

It's Wednesday.

This week is the backyard camping edition. 

We love camping.

we haven't had a single weekend this summer 
when we've been able to get to our favorite campsite.
One recent Friday evening we decided we did have the time 
to camp for just one evening
in our backyard.

We decided to set our tent up 
and pretend we were in the wilderness 
even though 
we were actually 
just a few feet from our cozy beds.

pretending we were in the wilderness 
somehow turned into pretending we were survivors of a plane crash 
and we landed on a deserted island somewhere .
{I know. Original, right?}
Ryan and Isabel pretended to be a father-daughter pair of world travelers.
They had just been to Brazil to master a renowned form of jiu-jitsu
and had been on the flight from
 Brazil to Paris
to freshen up their French.

{Or so they told us.  Little did we know that they were secretly SPIES!}

Natalie and I were the princess and queen 
{and again with the creativity}
a small island nation off the coast of Brazil. 
We had been on the plane 
traveling to Paris in order to find a new baby brother to adopt for 
Princess Natalia.
She was quite lonely as an only child and the queen
{yep that's me}
had been a widow for several years.

And James....
well he's just a boy we found on the island.
James had lived on the island since birth and was really more like a 
than anything else.
James knew the island 
like the back of his hand-
but he had very little social skills and knew nothing of his mother or father.

He could speak no recognizable language.
It appeared that he was fluent
in the language of

{Poor boy.}

He did come in very handy when it was time to look for firewood.

He also showed us how to find native produce.

{and yes...some of that local produce was Twizzlers, Jalapeno Kettle Chips & SunChips.  
Don't judge our imaginations.}

Princess Natalia was also quite fond of the largest of local crops
on this deserted island.


That's right....fields and fields of fluffy marshmallows.
{don't ruin our dreams}

The island had plenty of timber and kindling 
so as a team we were able to start a life-saving fire.

 {Please ignore that there is a camper in the yard several feet away from us.  
Our deserted island line was clearly marked at the fence line.}

 Isabel's frequent world traveling 
certainly gave her the knack for tending fires.

{It never once crossed my mind that it could have been because she was a sneaky spy!}

Although James managed to live off the "local produce" just fine-
it appeared the crops could only provide for the five of us for a few short days.

there was an abundance of wild boar.

We intensely debated whether or not 
we should eat them.

Princess Natalia was horrified at the thought!
{Of course our UNO cards survived the wreck!}

Ryan thought the mere suggestion was ludicrous.

Isabel didn't see what the big deal was...

But the queen was hungry so she got her way.

{ rude. Right? Those boars were all the family that poor James had!}

{Oh come on. Did you really think the Queen would travel in her best clothes??
She obviously was going icognito!! The paparazzi is all over royalty!}

We spent the night talking and getting to know one another.
the spies
couldn't hold in their secret 

They informed us that they were actually on a mission 
our royal family secrets.

It turns out that although I had been told that my young infant 
son had died in childbirth-

leaders of neighboring island nation
[our enemies]
had placed an insider doctor who had agreed to steal my son.

When the enemies brought my son to their island he cried so much for his mommy
that they decided to take him to a deserted island and leave him for dead.

he was a strong and brave little man
that survived.

And now Princess Natalia had the brother she had always dreamed of.

Of course,
there was a sneaky reason Isabel
decided to tell us the truth.

Want to know what it is?

 {Come on....of course you do.}

You see,
Isabel and Ryan were sick of
traveling the world as spies.
Instead they wanted to be a part of a family.


So did we accept those sneaky turds into our newly formed family?
Did we ever get off the deserted island?

To be continued...


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

This is too stinkin cute! I used to camp in our backyard, but never came up with such fun, elaborate stories. I love it!

rsstoney said...

I LOVE this!

Meri said...

Your imagination game sounds fun! This is the reason I love working with kids- they keep my brain going and having fun :)
The peppers look deeeelicious!

Jennifer said...

haha I could never judge your fabulous imaginations =) Happy WIAW love!

Dorry said...

This is precious! YOU are a storytelling genius, and with that, I'm off to sleep. This was like my bedtime story. :)

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh you are fabulous! I am leaving for camping today with my daughter (hubbs doesn't like camping....the horror!!) I looove the story. So creative!

Maria said...

Sometimes camping in the backyard is the best! And your family is filled with imagination! Love.

laughingmom said...

Fabulous imaginations!

caree said...

awww, loved reading this!! I love the imagination that you guys are able to create with your fam, how fun!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your family is exceptionally hilarious! I'm glad your infant son survived and marshmallows-yum! I may have to try out your camping twist. :)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This was so cute!! The pictures are adorable!

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