Thursday, April 7, 2011

Artsier Than Me

Let's get artsy fartsy today, shall we?
I think we can all agree that the definition for
is up for varying personal interpretations.
I'm one of those people that looks for 
artistic value in just about everything.
Art, in general, whether it be:


makes me happy.

My passion for art was really ignited in junior high
when a teacher had us do a research paper
 on the Impressionist artist of our choice.

My choice was:
Pierre Auguste Renoir

I remember these pieces of his being my favorite:

 Landscape Near Menton


A Girl With A Watering Can

 Arum Lily

Dance at Bougival


The writing assignment was then followed with a subsequent trip to
The Art Institute of Chicago .

That trip truly cemented my passion for studying art and artists.
Please note that I say "studying" for a reason.
Let it be known that I can't draw people {even stick figures} at all.
Not gonna do it.
Wouldn't be prudent.
Of all the above listed forms of art-
I'm best at...
let's see here...
I'm going to go with:
researching them???
Despite my personal lack of artistic talents
the first two years of college I took
*art history *art history II *art appreciation *ballroom dancing
*music appreciation & *the history of dance
as many artistic creative courses I could cram into a few semesters
while making it appear as if I still cared about getting a teaching degree.

I thought this blog would be a great place
to feature local artists that I consider~

Supporting local artists is something that Ryan and I have in common.
He is constantly surprising me with artwork
painted or crafted by local artists that we either know personally or admire.
We go to a lot of art shows with one another and one of the pieces 
I received as a Valentine's surprise Ryan had commissioned 
from an artist we had chatted with 6 months prior.
He tracked her down and secretly e-mailed a request for something I had loved.
It was quite the surprise when I got it!

A couple of weekends ago 
Ryan put himself in charge of arranging date night and
 if you recall...
[and if you don't-please click HERE for a reminder...and then consider stalking me more]
we wound up at
The Avenue.

The Avenue is a local {to me} art and photo gallery.
The gallery is owned and operated by Jill Kelley.
{per usual}
struck up a conversation with Jill after a few minutes of us meandering around the gallery.
She even let him play in her bathtub.
[a photo prop people!]
We also enjoyed looking at pictures of her garden with her too!

Jill is a funky, spunky, funny woman. 
Her gallery is filled with not only 
gorgeous shots of her own-
but also artwork from various other local artists as well.

That night The Avenue was doing a special feature on local artist 
who happens to be the cousin of a good friend of ours.

 We knew we had some more bare walls in our apartment 
that we wanted to fill with some new art
so we were on a mission to find something that called out to us.

I asked you guys to guess which piece we ended up buying...remember?
Only options A, C, E, F, & H were pieces done by Amanda.
We both really liked Option A.  
It was bright and colorful and we thought it would look neat in our girls' room. 
Option B, although not a piece of Amanda's, was pretty funny.
James loves Batman and I love The Big Lebowski.
The caption says:
"Damn that rug really tied the cave together."
Option C matched the colors of our bedroom perfectly.
They were a steal of a deal also. So we got them.
Options F & H were both out of our price range so that leaves only 
Option E.
 We loved this piece because of the touches of "natural."
The "vases" are made out of burlap and the flowers are real.
The colors were exactly what we're looking for in our living room-
but I still had a lot of considering to do.
While we were deciding we looked around at other art.

This piece reminds me of Bird and her Bee.

 This painting I think looks a little bit like Lisa
Anyone else see it?

Decision time:
We bought the art.

Ryan and I had a wonderful time at 
The Avenue
and love our new artwork!
Thank you to both Amanda & Jill!
You guys are awesome!

Do you consider YOURSELF artsy?

No quote today-
but if you haven't heard this song...
go ahead and check it out.

Favorite verse:

"You ain't artsier than me
Cause you only read books, don't watch T.V.
You ain't artsier than me
Cause you shop at Whole Foods in open-toed shoes
You ain't artsier than me
Cause you speak real soft and drink Chai tea
You ain't artsier than me
I recycle too, I'm kinda like you..."
~The Grouch


oliepants said...

I don't know if I'm artsy in that I can create but I think I can appreciate nice things?! Who knows b/c art is so subjective too you know? I love that you and Ryan support local artists.

Christine @ Merf In Progress said...

I'm artsy in that I like it. But the fact is, I am dreadfully uncreative. I can't even color unless it's color-by-number.

caree said...

how awesome that you and ryan can enjoy art together!! My hubby is definitely the more artistic one in the fam but I definitely have an appreciation for it! I am just not as creative as he is!

Jennifer said...

ohmygosh it looks a little like lisa! the long slender frame and long hair -- totally see it girl! haha

I want to buy local art in every state we live in eventually... but i cant quite stay put long enough to find anything! whoops?

maybe i'll just paint my own. come over. i'll paint with you! and we can siiiing! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Paula @ Eat: Watch: Run said...

I like artsy movies. And I think music can be art. But other than that, I am sooooo not arsty. Oh, and I read your blog. That's kinda artsy too. :-)

Briana said...

I love supporting local artists. Before we moved to Boston we had talked with an artist in SLC about painting a wall in our hallway with some sort of mural. Someday we'll get it done.

If I could snap my fingers and get you to Boston, I would absolutely take you as my date to see Brandi Carlile. Hope those tears today are 'good' tears in some way! :-)

Kristina @ spabettie said...

I went to 2 years of art school before college, and Jason also has a sculpture degree - we have some art in our house...

I totally see Lisa B in that painting! :) *I also love Lisa B and call her that - Lisa B - all the time now, since she pointed out that backwards it spells BASIL. :) these are all great pieces, and I LOVE Big Lebowski - one of our favorites - have you been to Lebowski Fest?

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I love local art shows. I just never find the time to go to them. I tend to putz around with my own art projects instead; I'm much more 'hands on; than 'stand and look at.'

Julie said...

I am SO NOT artsy...but my name is Arts - does that count?
I liked the video!

Dorry said...

The Bird & the Bee! Yay! That makes me so happy. I have an artsy side for sure. Sometimes I think I should let it out even more. I'm going to paint a big canvas for our living room - something abstract and colorful. I have 1 tattoo...a BIRD, but I'd love to have more. We'll see. :)

ms. caboo said...

Hot dang! That sounds like a super fun date. I love the first piece of art. It is so happy!

And I can barely draw a stick figure. I limit myself to smiley faces.

theAlmostRunner said...

i THINK i'm pretty artsy. i seriously love the bird and the bee (the music group) and dorry too! (and you... duh.)

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

My art is my writing, but other than that I'm not so artsy.

Michael said...

Cool post. I like looking at art, and putting rooms together (like decorating), but I still wouldn't consider myself artsy really. I do love theatre though...that's kind of artsy!

Meri said...

Haha- I love that you went all "artsy fartsy" for this post- I love Renoir.
My forms of art are writing, crafting/ papercrafts, cooking, drawing, making up songs, dressing...

Maria said...

I love to look at art and I'm really amazing at making collages, but that's about where my conventional art skills stop.

Jen said...

How fun! Those are some great pieces! I wish I was talented at art, but I'm not. But it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. My husband's so talented. Actually his whole family is. I hope my kids get some it those genes!

Melissa said...

I'm a science nerd so artsy stuff doesn't come natural for me but I'm slowely starting to take on a few projects. I love photography so that's something I continuelly want to improve upon. I also picked up knitting and love that even though I'm teaching myself right now so that's a little frustrating lol! I also want to learn how to sew as I see some cute stuff that people make and it seems fun!

My hubby is a woodworker so we have some amazing pieces in our house..hopefully more soon:)

Congrats on the artwork!!

Stephanie said...

Maybe appreciation is an artform in and of itself? I've always wanted to paint. I just can't visualize things in my mind before making them, which means that I can't move beyond copying another person's art. Oh, and I can only copy things made by average 11-year-olds, so that also holds me back. I love that you and R support local artists. I support local musicians, but I haven't bought any pieces from local visual artists...might have to make that a goal!

Ameena said...

I am quite possibly the least artsiest person in the world...unless you consider my Excel spreadsheets art. I kind of do...

I had the girl with the watering can staring down at me during my childhood! I still love it!

Megan said...

I like art, but I am totally NOT artsy!! I do not have one artistic bone in my body. Haha.

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